This is a C&M designed kit that adapts Baer's trustie S4 caliper to an OE HQ-WB 276mm rotor.  This kit can be sold as a simple caliper upgrade to use with your existing rotor or as a complete kit with DBA Slotted rotors.  It is the perfect upgrade for some 14" and most 15" wheels or those just looking to modernise their brakes for a street car.

This kit is the perfect budget upgrade for pre-HQ Holdens with solid front disc rotors.

DBA rotors with early Holden stud pattern (5x108mm) are available for those maintaining original wheels. The benefit of this kit, is you can retain your vehicles original spindles, which means you don't get the negative suspension and steering side effects of running HQ spindles on your non-HQ vehicle!

SS4 - Integral Hub 4 Piston Caliper Brake Kits

Converting from an integral hub disc rotor to separate hub and rotor arrangement allows the use of larger rotors.  C&M manufactures S4 kits with 298mm and 322mm rotor sizes and can be ordered with Torana, HQ or Commodore stud patterns.  

298mm kits will fit some 15" wheels and most 16", whilst 322mm kits will generally require 17" wheels.

C&M uses T2 Slotted DBA rotors as standard.  Upgrades to two piece rotors are also available on request.  

SS4 - Adaptor Hub 4 Piston Caliper Brake Kits

If you're looking for something bigger, C&M also manufactures kits using Baer's T4 & 6P Calipers.  T4 calipers feature billet construction, 6xM10 cross bolts for excellent rigidity, staggered bore size pistons for improved pad force distribution and are available with 322x28mm thick rotors.  

6P kits are available using 322, 330 & 355mm diameter rotors. 6P Calipers feature FORGED aluminium construction combined with 6xM10 cross bolts for class leading stiffness, staggered bore pistons for improved pad force distribution and is available to suit 28mm and 32mm thick rotors.  

Generally 17" wheels and greater are required for T4 and 6P kits, though some 16" wheels may fit.  C&M uses DBA T2 Slotted rotors as standard in these kits with two piece rotor options available on request.  

T4/6P - Big 4 Piston Caliper & 6 Piston Brake Kits

Extended Upper Ball Joints

Improve suspension geometry with extended upper ball joints.  FACT: Most aftermarket tubular control arms do very little or nothing to improve your suspension geometry!  

Simply swapping out your upper ball joints will for these extended upper ball joints improve camber gain by an average of 2 degrees at full compression.  

Ridetech Adjustable Front Replacement Shocks

Ridetech "HQ" line of shock absorbers represent one of the best performance shocks on the market today.  These mono-tube shocks feature 20 click rebound adjustability, lightweight aluminium construction and best of all, Ridetech shock absorbers come with their class leading 1,000,001 mile warranty!  Ridetech Shocks are available for LH-UC Torana only.