SS4+ Adaptor Hub 4 Piston Caliper Brake Kits

This is a C&M designed kit that adapts Baer's trustie S4 caliper to an OE 68 to 73 disc brake rotor.  This kit can be sold with DBA Slotted rotors or Baer directionally drilled and slotted rotors.  It is the perfect upgrade for some 14" and most 15" wheels or those just looking to modernise their brakes for a street car.

Converting from an integral hub disc rotor to separate hub and rotor arrangement allows the use of larger and thicker rotors.  C&M stocks Baer SS4+ 279mm two piece rotor kits and manufactures kits using 298mm and 322mm rotor sizes.  

298mm kits will fit some 15" wheels and most 16", whilst 322mm kits will generally require 17" wheels.

SS4 - Integral Hub 4 Piston Caliper Brake Kits

If you're looking for something bigger, C&M stocks Baer kits and manufactures kits using Baer's T4 & 6P Calipers.  T4 calipers feature billet construction, 6xM10 cross bolts for excellent rigidity, staggered bore size pistons for improved pad force distribution and are available with 330mmx28mm thick rotors.  

6P kits are available using 330 & 355mm diameter rotors. 6P Calipers feature FORGED aluminium construction combined with 6xM10 cross bolts for class leading stiffness, staggered bore pistons for improved pad force distribution and is available to suit 28mm and 32mm thick rotors.  

For those opting for 2-piece rotors, C&M manufactures a kit using a slightly taller hat, which provides additional wheel clearance.  This is particularly handy when running cast wheels with a shallow pad that would otherwise require wheel spacers.  

Generally 17" wheels and greater are required for T4 and 6P kits, though some 16" wheels may fit.    

T4/6P - Big 4 Piston Caliper & 6 Piston Brake Kits

Bump Steer Eliminators - Adjustable Tie Rods

As hotrodders, sometimes when we modify to get a better outcome be it appearance or performance, we can inherently induce some short comings. One being the dreaded Bump steer.  These bump steer eliminators allow you to correct the steering geometry, inducing bump steering by shimming the rod end.  Apart from removing bump steer, these kits replace your old clam shell adjusters with a Billet piece which helps reduce steering flex too!

In a market inundated with cheap poor quality replacement rotors and pads, C&M has begun stocking Baer sport rotors and ceramic pads for those looking for a quality set of replacement rotors that are reasonably priced.  

Baer sport rotors are directionally slotted and cross drilled unlike a number of manufactures which have changed to cheaper universal slot patterns.  

Baer rotors also are guaranteed to be the full thickness, re-instating the correct pedal height and firm feel.  You'd be surprised how many cheap rotors are NOT the correct thickness.  

If that's not enough, Baer sport rotors come with a 3 years warranty against warping and cracking!

Replacement Sport Rotors & Pads