SS4/SS4+ Systems

C&M Engineering uniquely produces this entry level kit using a 276mm x 25.4mm thick HQ Holden rotor, combined with Baer's S4 caliper to make a quality, yet affordable disc brake upgrade for GM Full Size vehicles.  

This kit will fit most 15" wheels, and results in a 10mm increase in track width on each side on an originally drum brake front car.


Baer SS4+ kits are also available, which use billet adaptor hubs and two piece 279mm x 25.4 thick CURVED VANE Baer rotors. This is an exceptional quality kit for those looking to get the most out of their brakes fitting inside smaller diameter wheels.  

If you're looking for something bigger, C&M stocks Baer's Track 4 (T4) and ProPlus (6P) brake kits.  T4 calipers feature billet construction, 6xM10 cross bolts for excellent rigidity, staggered bore size pistons for improved pad force distribution and are available with 330x28mm thick rotors.  

6P kits are available using 330 & 355mm diameter rotors. 6P Calipers feature FORGED aluminium construction combined with 6xM10 cross bolts for class leading stiffness, staggered bore pistons for improved pad force distribution and is available to suit 28mm and 32mm thick rotors.  

Generally 17" wheels and greater are required for T4 and 6P kits, though some 16" wheels may fit.    

T4/6P - Big 4 Piston & 6 Piston Brake Kits