SS4 Systems - 1 Piece Rotors

With the popularity of SS4 rear systems, C&M Engineering has expanded on Baer product line by producing 300mm & 325mm rear SS4 systems.  

300mm kits will fit most 16" wheels and 325mm kits will generally fit 17" wheels and larger.  Templates to check wheel clearance are available.  

1-Piece rotor rear kits are available using both DBA or Baer sport rotors, include banksia style "drum in hat" park brake mechanism mounted to a billet backing plate which is machined to act as the retainer for axles.  

For those looking to match front and rear brakes, T4 & 6P rear brake kits are also available.  330mm brake kits are available with 1 or 2 piece rotors, 343mm & 355mm kits are typically 2-piece only.   

Generally 17" wheels and greater are required for T4 and 6P kits, though some 16" wheels may fit.    

T4/6P - Big 4 Piston & 6 Piston Brake Kits

2-piece rear rotor systems are available in 330mm kits.   These kits use Baer's curved vane rotor rings mounted to 6061-T6 hats machined to accept drum in hat park brake mechanism fixed with aircraft quality NAS hardware.  

Generally fit 17" wheels and larger.  Templates to check wheel clearance are available.  

 SS4+ Systems - 2 Piece Rotors

XB-XF Falcon Disc Brake Housings

This common disc brake conversion for Ford 8" & 9" rear ends requires some slight modifications.  

Whilst the housing ends are dimensionally the same as the small bearing housing end, the disc brake falcon axles feature a much wider bearing which protrudes out of the housing much further than a drum axle.  The axle stand off is also slightly larger to a drum axle.  

So if you are getting new axles made up, go for the drum axles as they are much simpler, but don't stress if you already have the bits for you disc brake rear, we make the bits to accommodate!