SS4 Systems - 1 Piece Rotors

With the popularity of SS4 rear systems, C&M Engineering has expanded on Baer product line by producing 300mm & 325mm rear SS4 systems.  

300mm kits will fit most 16" wheels and 325mm kits will generally fit 17" wheels and larger.  Templates to check wheel clearance are available.  

1-Piece rotor rear kits are available using both DBA or Baer sport rotors, include banksia style "drum in hat" park brake mechanism mounted to a billet backing plate which is machined to act as the retainer for axles.  

For those looking to match front and rear brakes, T4 & 6P rear brake kits are also available.  330mm brake kits are available with 1 or 2 piece rotors, 343mm & 355mm kits are typically 2-piece only.   

Generally 17" wheels and greater are required for T4 and 6P kits, though some 16" wheels may fit.    

T4/6P - Big 4 Piston & 6 Piston Brake Kits

2-piece rear rotor systems are available in 330mm kits.   These kits use Baer's curved vane rotor rings mounted to 6061-T6 hats machined to accept drum in hat park brake mechanism fixed with aircraft quality NAS hardware.  

Generally fit 17" wheels and larger.  Templates to check wheel clearance are available.  

 SS4+ Systems - 2 Piece Rotors

C Clip Rear Differences

Two types of GM C Clip housing ends commonly exist which are divided into Car & Truck.  

Car C Clip rears are commonly found guessed it passenger car differentials such as Camaros, Chevelles etc. Whilst Truck C Clip rears are found on Pick ups AND Impalas.  

We have come across a variety of axle stand-offs when it comes to C Clip rears, so it's best to measure and let us know first or be prepared to do a little shimming.  

Be sure to renew your axle seals while you are at it, it will only cost you $10 and it's easy to do while you are there.